Dead Club House

Dead Club House
Haunted House in Cambridge

Sunday, November 7, 2010

?!Y-Art?! Blog Content Thoughts

I’ll interview six super art friends on Tuesday and one on Wednesday.  I’ve been wondering if I should ask them to sign a release that states:  the interview will be posted on YouTube and on a blog.  I asked super art friend Todd that question and he reminded me that I write contracts for friends who are designing or directing at UB. 
Once I have some video content, I can create the blog.
I’ll definitely use a different blogspot template than this one.  Maybe the one Kari used. 
Maybe one of the Baltimore City murals should be the header photo but I’d have to give artist credit and find their name.
I have to compose the introduction:  something, like, Jenny made me do this or grad school is a great excuse for crazy projects with one’s super art friends.
I suppose I could migrate some freewriting posts from this blog to the ?!Y-Art?! blog.
I’m going to post video on the blog so I thought I’d test below.  I shot this video of a kid dancing in front of the Penn Station sculpture on a windy day.

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